You can also touch Him

You can also touch Him
23 July, 2020 No Comments Blog, Uncategorized Justice

…As many touched him were made whole…
Mark 6:56

When many of us read this scripture we wish Jesus was physically present with us so that we could also touch him. The good news is you can also touch him.

How do we touch him? By believing His promise. This is an Infallible way of touching Christ Jesus for anything he has promised. We touch him by asking and believing that he hears us when we pray.

When the woman touched him, it was her faith that made her whole. This was not a mere physical touch for it was the Spirit that quickens (gives life) the flesh profited nothing. Millions of Sinners have touched Jesus the same way and have received the greatest miracle (Salvation) Just by believing in their heart and confessing with their mouth that Jesus is Lord. Even as you don’t need to see Jesus Physically before you can receive the gift of salvation, so also you don’t need to see him physically to receive your Miracle or Healing.

Do you need a miracle, healing, salvation for a loved one? Find the promises of God concerning that situation in his word then ask him and believe that he has heard you and will receive it.

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