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It seems as though everything in this world is running so quickly, even to an extent that, we do not have time to check some things that i believe are very relevant in our daily lives. Many Christians today are very unfaithful in our everyday lives, our jobs and even our churches. We do things anyhow and take a lot of things for granted.
I personally believe that God purposely places people ahead of us for them to be examples to us in every aspect of our lives irrespective of the fact that they might be our bosses, coaches or pastors (1 Peter 5:3).
For anybody who is placed ahead of you, God looks at your attitude towards them and you willingness to submit to their leadership and authority, and then rewards you.
Christians today keep loosing sight of this and undermine the divine purpose as to why we are placed under the leadership of others and hence, grow to become disloyal to them, which is at our own disadvantage.
It is then important to teach the church about loyalty and disloyalty and to enlighten them on the various stages of disloyalty. I believe this will gradually become a daily check in our lives and to keep the love for the brethren burning in the church as we are commanded by our Savior and King Jesus Christ (John 13:35).
By Vincent Kyeremateng
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