Deep Calls

Deep Calls
7 October, 2021 No Comments Bible Study, Blog Justice

READ: Psalms 63:1-2





Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts…


Psalms 42:7





Miracles and manifestations of the Spirit are your opportunity to go deeper in God. There are deeper things in God! “Deep calls unto deep!” In other words, if you are not deep you cannot reach for the deep things that are in God.

When you relate deeply with a person, the “deep” part in you comes forth. But if the conversation we have is “Hi” and “Bye” and “Hello”, then the deep part of me will not come forth to you. If you relate shallow things like greetings and questions about the weather, you will receive equally shallow responses. There are obviously deeper things than these. When you tell a friend what is in your heart, the deep part in him responds. That is why the Bible says, “deep calls unto deep”.

People who are just relating to God on a shallow level are not going to experience the deep things of God. God longs for the deeper part of you to call out to Him. There is more to God than we know. There is more to God than we see. There is more to the ministry than what we are doing. There is more than just preaching and teaching.

God wants to take you deeper! He wants you to move into miracles and manifestations of the Spirit.


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