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First of all, lets find the meaning of struggling. From the Cambridge dictionary, it means “to experience difficulty and make a very great effort in order to do something.” Most people in this era are really struggling in this life that have made them to question their faith. I know how it feels like when you put your faith into something and it doesn’t work out like expecting especially in the Christian life.

Growing up was never easy for me, I grew up with a single parent, my mum. Life wasn’t easy even tho God had made me know he had something special for me. Things really became too difficult for me that i began to question my faith. I prayed and prayed and prayed and i continue to failed and failed and failed. But one day he made me to understand that he hears me, there is no single word from me which he never hears but it was just not time. He made me to understand that he is still the God of my struggle no just the God of my success. He said if i really wants to know who he is then i needed to understand how he operate.

I know a lot of people are going through such difficulties situations and he wants you to understand that you are not alone, he is still with you now till the very end of time.

God Knows Your Struggles

How well do you know your best friend? What’s their favorite color? Favorite food? Who was their first kiss? Best friends know one another pretty well.

This is why we need to remember how close God and the devil once were. Okay, so, maybe God is not too concerned with knowing Satan’s go-to Starbucks order, but God knows enough. God knows what the devil’s next move will be. God knows the devil’s tricks, how the devil thinks, how he can be conniving and fool humans.

God knows the devil.

He also knows you. He created you. He knows your hopes, your dreams, and all the things that make you you.

God knows all of your fears, your heartbreaks, and your demons. God knows the thoughts that keep you up at night. He knows the strength it takes for you to get out of bed or go to that job interview. He knows how hard you’re fighting. He knows the thoughts that creep into your mind and whisper not-so-sweet nothings.

These scary, miserable things come from one source: the devil. God knows their origin, their purpose, their effect on you. Most importantly, however, God knows what it takes to defeat these nefarious thoughts and weights that pull us into depression, anger, or fear. He knows how to defeat the devil, and He will do that for you over and over. Just rely on God.

God knows our every need and demons’ every lie.

When Satan says “You are not good enough.” “No one would miss you” “You don’t matter.” “You are not strong enough.

God says, “You are mine. I created you, perfectly, to serve me.Psalm 119:73-74.

God says, “I have hope for your future, plans specifically for you.” Revelation 21:4; Jeremiah 29:11; Psalm 147:3

God says, “I love you.” Psalm 103:8; John 15:13

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