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  • Q: I’m giving—why am I not receiving?
    26 February, 2021 No Comments A: Giving is only one part of prosperity. To fully operate in the laws of financial prosperity, you also must receive. We see this in the Apostle Paul’s response to the giving of the church at Philippi. Commending them for sending him financial gifts on more than one occasion, he clarified he was thankful not

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  • Sex
    2 February, 2021 No Comments God placed sex in the safest place when He set it in marriage.   After all, the sexual relationship is most holy to the Lord. But by what has often been conveyed by the church and by people of God, it would seem that sex is the naughtiest and most shameful act of human participation

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  • 5 Keys to Staying Positive in a Hostile World
    29 January, 2021 No Comments Everywhere you turn negativity pops up—news, social media, gossip columns, workplace water coolers, talk radio, even the family dinner table. If you’re not on guard, that negativity will color the way you look at your life, work, family and home. Now is the time to follow the words written by the Apostle Paul: “Fix your

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Read more GOD had helped me. JESUS loves us. I was in a very bad state of mind. A presure in my head and neck was making me lose breath. The prayer that you made helped me. I felt strange like a energy, someting like air was getting out of my body. My hands and feet were very like energy was around and inside. I felt very lose, very light. Like my body weight zero. A joy came in my heart. It remaind. Still got it. Power of GOD is big. Thank GOD and JESUS and the human that prayed for me